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We want to become a centre for wildlife conservation in the North East of England as we are ideally positioned to bridge the gap between wildlife and the local communities for more in-situ and ex-situ projects.

What does in-situ and ex-situ mean?

We are currently involved in a couple of conservation projects on site and are looking to get involved with more and more projects in the near future! Please contact us if you have any suggestions or ideas for local conservation projects which we can get involved in.

Red Squirrels Northern England

We are very fortunate in this part of Northumberland to have a population of Red Squirrels in and around our animal park which we supplement feed and encourage on our land. Unfortunately, the grey squirrel populations are gradually increasing and working their way northwards towards our park. We set up some camera traps where we have feeders and have caught grey squirrels raiding our feeders. From this, we now work with Red Squirrels Northern England, trapping and controlling grey squirrels within the area and informing the public about the plight of the red squirrels with the hopes of maintaining and encouraging red squirrels in and around this area for as long as possible.

Butterflies & Moths

The UK is home to 56 resident species and 3 regular migrant species of Butterfly and over 2500 species of Moths!

Within our animal park we have several ‘wild’ areas set aside to encourage insect life with photo guides to help with identifying species.

This year we will also be launching our Moth Nights where you can come along to the animal park at nighttime and take part in a Moth Trapping session. We regularly run moth traps and record the species which we capture, all of this information is submitted to the national species database and helps conservationists to understand how moth populations are doing. These are live trapping sessions, once identified, all moths are released.

If you would like to come along and take part in a moth trap, then please contact us!

More Information on our upcoming conservation projects coming soon…